Tune-up Kits with Instructions

A tune-up method for gasoline, flex fuel, and propane that a customer can perform themselves to improve performance and fuel mileage. The basic kit contains step by step tune-up instructions, modified spark plug set, index washers, dielectric grease, and anti-seize compound.

Diesel Tuning Instructions

A method to reset the computer parameters to improve the power and fuel mileage.

Fuel Tank Fill-up Instructions

A method to properly correct overfilling the fuel tank. Overfilling the fuel tank can lead to reduced fuel mileage.

Modified Spark Plugs

Our method of modifying the spark plugs will improve the burn ratio in the combustion chamber. This will result in increased horsepower and fuel mileage. We offer two types of modifications, street & highway for longevity, and race for maximum performance. You can purchase a tune-up kit to obtain the best results.

Spark Plug Washers

We offer a flat uncrushed washers which can be used to index your spark plugs. These can be used in place of the original washer if the spark plug won’t index. Sizes available are 12mm and 14mm.